By Ross Weir

I back quite alot of Kickstarter campaigns. I’ve launched one myself too. I love to see the passion and support from both the creators and backers come together and create something new. The most recent I backed got me thinking about the act of creativity, and boy did they hit the nail on the head when they called it a game!

Matt Vojacek has created a card set to help stimulate the creative process (check out their campaign, its fully funded). As it goes, its a good addition to my IDEO cards, favourite apps and the many other tools I use. It’s not a new idea here, but its a great delivery, nice format and when it comes to creativity you really can’t have too much inspiration!

But this post is not about a kickstarter campaign. It’s a reminder that the act of creativity should be a game, and we have to play it:

– Set some rules
– Keep it fun
– Competition is good
– Food and Drink shouldn’t be far from reach
– Roll the dice

The last one is interesting, and comes back to Matt’s card set and others creativity tools. We like to think that we are fully in control of the creativity. But time and time again I find creativity finding me, it sometimes feels random like the roll of a dice. But when I dig a little deeper, the creative results have clearly come from two, three or more combinations of events, inputs or inspirations. #EverythingsARemix

I can guarantee you, that if you go out of your way to be open to, or stimulated by, inputs from the world around you, that creativity will follow. Pick up Matt’s cards and a solution to your problem will be found, and if you want us to do the creativity bit just let us know. #ProgressiveSportsTechnologiesLtd

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