By Olly Eades

Loughborough University London opened its doors to students in 2015 as a part of the iCITY enterprise complex for the digital and creation industries. Progressive’s own Prof. Mike Caine has been the Dean at Loughborough University London since its inception and has witnessed the programmes at Loughborough University London thrive since their inception. The base in London has created an opportunity to ‘reach students that find it difficult to study in the East Midlands’ according to the university’s vice chancellor Prof. Robert Allison.

Another previous member of Progressive and now Innovation Program Manager at Loughborough University London, Ashley Gray stated: “We have a mandate to disrupt, experiment and innovate in all that we do to enhance our student experience.” he continued, “Loughborough University London’s Collaborative Project is a prime example with students from all disciplines coming together in teams to work on real world challenges with real world organisations such as NHS England, EDF Energy and Foster + Partners, resulting in one of the world’s largest and most exciting programmes of its kind.”

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part of the iCITY enterprise complex for the digital and creation industries

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Loughborough is also to be one of four partner institutions involved with the “SPIN Lab”, a global acceleration program focusing on developing innovation in sports. The program is being dedicated to creating a go-to program for entrepreneurs looking to develop a business within the sports technology industry and is a program from the HYPE Foundation.

Progressive has worked with and looked to help small businesses looking to break into the sports goods industry since introducing consultancy as a deliverable. This means that Progressive is happy to help with any brands that wish to understand more about how best to proceed with their business and how we can work with smaller brands to generate insights that lead to world leading products.

Progressive Sports Technologies maintain a highly skilled research and development team, at-hand to support your project requirements, large and small.

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