Validate a unique design or proposal through rigorous research

Validate a unique design or proposal through rigorous research

Validation is one of the most important areas of what we offer. This is the consumer facing side of our deliverables. Through research projects we look to work with our clients to develop insights that can be shared internally inform the product design process. Throughout the development stages we are working with our clients to fine tune the product and help make it as well made and effective a product as it can be based on the insights gained from research. The validation stage is when we look to generate meaningful data that speaks to the consumer about how well this final product performs.

Validation can be used to strengthen marketing claims, ensure the product is pitched to the right target market or to clarify with data what the strengths of a product are. The validation stage is where all the hard work pays off. If the research and development stages of the product creation process have been performed effectively the validation stage tells us just how good the product we have created is.

– Nike
– Clarks
– Speedo
– Spalding
– Umbro
– Moving Comfort
– M&S


Brooks Running, who used to sell their bras under the Moving Comfort brand, are one of many bra manufacturers who use Progressive to determine the level of support of new, old and prototype sports bras. Progressive monitors the biomechanical movement of the breasts whilst aiming to standardise strap and underband tension.



Establish the thermal insulation effect of Rapha’s new winter cycling suit by testing
in the climate chamber at -10°C

Progressive Sports Technologies maintain a highly skilled research and development team, at-hand to support your project requirements, large and small.

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