Progress your product towards the marketplace through Progressive’s proven expertise

Progress your product towards the marketplace through Progressive’s proven expertise

Development projects often follow on from research activities where a unique insight has been observed and becomes the focus for commercialization. Typically Progressive are engaged in product related developments which require problem scoping/solving, creative thinking, design, engineering and process management skills.

Progressive can support development programs in part, or whole, depending on project requirements. Running complete development programs from market insight to the final engineering drawings, Progressive developed the Reebok and Escape Deck product. Supporting specific stages of the development process for lululemon, Progressive developed biomechanical and product testing programs used directly in the creation of new apparel concepts.

Given the breadth of activities that development encompasses, Progressive aims to offer the expertise to help with every stage. Our clients often find that bolting on some specific activities with Progressive can support their own well developed programs. The value is often found in the access to state of the art equipment and technical know-how, along with unique insights that these activities create.

– Reebok
– Escape Fitness
– Gunn & Moore
– Nike
– lululemon
– Rogers Corp


Developed from scratch and commercialised in 2003, the DECK remains a cornerstone of both Escape Fitness and Reebok’s studio offering.



Progressive Sports Technologies maintain a highly skilled research and development team, at-hand to support your project requirements, large and small.

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