WallJAM is an interactive training system for ball sports. Its sensor laden wall provides rebound for repetitive drills, whilst capturing data and providing feedback on each player’s performance. Initially developed for football, WallJAM were looking at a revolutionary new way to engage people across all abilities and ball sports. Since developing the original concept, WallJAM now caters for a wide range of sports, including, football, tennis and cricket.

During the development phase of the product, WallJAM approached Progressive to provide engineering direction to the design. Progressive engaged in a wide range of activities to ensure the WallJAM was performing to the required specification. These activities were focussed around material selection, pressure sensor calibration, investigation into wall curvature/rebound and acoustics of the wall.


Progressive approached the project with a research focus: to quantify and evaluate a range of performance attributes to the client’s specifications. An initial focus was to select the appropriate wall material and supporting structure, allowing optimisation of a range of parameters, including sound level, ball velocity and the calibration of embedded sensors.

Progressive worked with prototype wall panels provided by WallJAM, taking measurements of the sound, measuring ball velocity and rebound characteristics. Both lab and field testing were undertaken to complete the research required.


WallJAM has successfully been implemented in a range of different sports. It is used as a coaching tool, to encourage participation and to enhance abilities at all levels of a sport.

The wall itself measures power, accuracy and speed, which tests a competitor in a well-rounded manner: touch, speed of movement, peripheral awareness and handling the pressure of the moment. It also incorporates an app, which gives additional data.

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"During our initial development of the WallJAM concept, we worked with Progressive to test different materials and technologies. The feedback the testing provided was vital in our decision making process and now integral to the quality of the WallJAM offer.

Tom Worbys

Founder and CEO


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