Precise Industrial 3D Metrology

GOM are a company that specialise in optical tools that track objects and markers. Their range of software and hardware facilitates:

– Tracking stick-on markers (PONTOS)
– Tracking a speckle pattern’s location (ARAMIS)
– Measuring the stretch (strain) of a speckle pattern on an object (ARAMIS)
– Creation of 3D mapped CAD files from a scan (ATOS)
– Measurement validation of a manufacture process compared to CAD (ATOS)

Typically, we see the most value in the GOM service through their digital image correlation. Digital image correlation is the ability to track and measure the strain of a 3D surface by applying a speckle pattern to it. The speckle pattern provides the software with a series of random, high contrast points. This allows the software to create unique facets (four sided surfaces) based on the arrangement of the speckle pattern. These facets can then be tracked, not only in 3D location, which facilitates displacement, velocity and acceleration measurements, but also in shape, which allows the measurement of strain.

This tool has been used across a range of different sports products, from running shoes to yoga leggings to football shirts. The power of GOM ARAMIS is the ability to gain insight over how a garment can be designed to best aid the athlete, the ability to measure how much a material is straining under load (mechanical loading of a weighted bar or gym equipment) and the ability to assess how fast and in what direction different points are moving during a functional exercise.

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